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The Origins of Mankind
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Habitat Trade paperback by povorot
Habitat Trade paperback
Order code: AUG160697
“All his life, Hank Cho wanted to join the ranks of the Habsec-the rulers of the orbital habitat his people call home. But when he finds a powerful, forbidden weapon from the deep past, a single moment of violence sets his life-and the brutal society of the habitat-into upheaval. Hunted by the cannibalistic Habsec and sheltered by former enemies, Cho finds himself caught within a civil war that threatens to destroy his world.
A new barbarian sci-fi adventure by SIMON ROY (PROPHET, JAN’S ATOMIC HEART, Tiger Lung), originally serialized in ISLAND MAGAZINE.
In Shops: Oct 26, 2016
SRP: $9.99″
Yo my book is in previews! Talk to your local comic store so you can snag it up this fall! 
Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen by povorot
Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen
A cover i did for my compatriot Daniel Bensen, for his awesome time-travel barbarian adventure "Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen"…
Go buy it and read it!!
Euhumanist Soldier by povorot
Euhumanist Soldier
What the culture that built the habitat (from "habitat") looks like after a few generations trapped down a gravity well. I'm starting to scheme about what project to embark on next, now that i have the end of this story planned. Maybe exploring some themes of colonialism, transhumanism, and eugenics?
Habitat-part-1-page-9 by povorot
One of the splash pages from Habitat, my current big project, coming out in Island Magazine. Basically, it's the far corner of a star trek style civilization gone to shit, ruled by cannibals, and coming to a comic store near you
I haven't been updating on here for too long, but once that new year hits, expect a lot more sci-fi shit right here


Simon Roy
I'm a comic book artist, Dinosaur enthusiast, and slavic-culture nerd. What more could you need?

Operating System: Mac
With a road trip and a convention (the always amazing VanCAF) under my belt since the last time I updated this sad, dusty journal, new events! New announcements!

First off - Robin McConnell is posting road trip travelogues, documenting our wild and crazy adventures on the road (image above - me getting picked up at the dawn of the first day with a positively glowing brandon graham). CHECK IT OUT HERE

Secondly - On Saturday June 7th, I'll be in Olympia for the Olympia Comics Festival, where myself, Jesse Reklaw, and Charles Burns (!!!) will be special guests, complete with a roundtable discussion and everything. More info here!

Thirdly - June 21st, Ed Brisson and I will be in Baltimore, doing a signing at Third Eye Comics!

Fourthly - The month ends for me at the Metchosin Summer School for the Arts,  where I'll be spending the 28th-29th teaching a comics course. If you're interested in bringing some stuff to workshop and explore, it's a cheap weekend and I think, from the cool people I've already talked to who will be taking it, it'll be a constructive time. Sign up before it's too late!!!!

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