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October 29, 2010
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Amphoran Fauna sketches by povorot Amphoran Fauna sketches by povorot
Some sketches for critters from the Amphoran's world.
Most of these are variations on radially symmetrical herbivores, but the predator in the lower left is from one of the groups of animals that abandoned radial symmetry for bilateral - something which makes hunting and chasing a little easier.
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Very cool playing with ideas. Do I see the predators feeding apparatus projecting out between the legs at the front?
That you do, sir!
I notice that there seems to be six and three limbed "Amphorian" fauna, id the three limbed fauna evolve from six-limbed ancestors that lost a set of limbs somehow, or do the represent a separate but related group? How much thought have you put into the evolutionary relationships between the creatures on this particular planet?
Well, I have a rough idea for the evolution of all these creatures. They would have all probably descended from a simple, six-limbed ancestor. From there, I figure two lines of development - those who retained radial symmetry, and the predators who developed bilateral symmetry. Of the radially symmetrical group, they would further branch off into two main groups - omnivores (like the Amphorans) and herbivores. The tripod critters are a specialization of the hexapod herbivores.

Eventually I'll post some weirder flying things descended from the predators you see here.
I think of a few interesting possibilities for modified versions of the bilateral predators, such as a species similar to the Gyrospeinter with only fore and hind limbs. Or a "monoped" flyer that gets airborne via a powerful single leaping hind-limb.

I've also had some ideas that might work for indigenous flora or marine organisms.
Loving your hunter! Cool designs all around!
These are incredible!!!
So these are some of the beasts that share the amphorans' world... Awsome!

I especially like the one on the lower left. The one in the lower mid seems adapted for speed as well. I also note that some are covered in armor. The creatures on (whats this planst called?) must either have evolved from exoskeletal ancestors, or there are just some very well-armored groups--like trilateraly symetrical ankylosaurs?

Intsant Fav!

"Well excuse me for having enormous flaws that I don't work on!"--Homer Simpson
Thanks, man. The structure I've been thinking of for these creatures basically functions like an exoskeleton, but has another layer of skin, connective tissue, etc. overtop.
M0AI Oct 30, 2010  Student General Artist
Now these are freakin' awesome! Really, really wonderful. Like whale, I particularly enjoy the predator and the "water buffalo."
Question: all three of the colored ones have basically the same color scheme as the amphoran. Is that color scheme just very common on the amphorans' world, or are these just temporary, non-finalized color schemes?
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