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With a road trip and a convention (the always amazing VanCAF) under my belt since the last time I updated this sad, dusty journal, new events! New announcements!

First off - Robin McConnell is posting road trip travelogues, documenting our wild and crazy adventures on the road (image above - me getting picked up at the dawn of the first day with a positively glowing brandon graham). CHECK IT OUT HERE

Secondly - On Saturday June 7th, I'll be in Olympia for the Olympia Comics Festival, where myself, Jesse Reklaw, and Charles Burns (!!!) will be special guests, complete with a roundtable discussion and everything. More info here!

Thirdly - June 21st, Ed Brisson and I will be in Baltimore, doing a signing at Third Eye Comics!

Fourthly - The month ends for me at the Metchosin Summer School for the Arts,  where I'll be spending the 28th-29th teaching a comics course. If you're interested in bringing some stuff to workshop and explore, it's a cheap weekend and I think, from the cool people I've already talked to who will be taking it, it'll be a constructive time. Sign up before it's too late!!!!
A nice little preview of art and interview for "The Field" with Ed Brisson and me!
Read here:…
There's a whole bunch of stuff with me and Ed Brisson up at Multiversity Comics! 




Thanks again, Multiversity! Check it out!
If you've been looking for that post-christmas feelgood new years present - look no further! I've got a ton of Prophet pages up at ComiCon Art if you're so inclined - take a look here! 
The first part of a conversation between Daniel Bensen and myself concerning a story I've been talking with Daniel about for at least half a year - listen here!…

There will be more as the week goes on, as well as (i think) an outline of mine for the story AND Daniel's insightful picking apart of said outline! 

ALSO you can check out the starting seed of the aforementioned project here:…
A short podcast (the first of a few) wherein Myself and Daniel Bensen chat about "Managing Reader Expectation in Science Fiction". Have a listen here:…
This weekend, I'll be at VANCAF in vancouver with some of my favourite comics and illustration people! From the Propheteers (myself, Farel Dalrymple, Brandon Graham) to a gang of my fellow mega-talented Victorians (Tara Williamson, Renee Nault, Laura Bifano) the lineup of guests at this thing is MIND-BOGGLINGLY GOOD! I'm so excited to be there!
Not to mention some awesome panels (including one I'll be abandoning my table to attend - Steve Lecouillard, Rebecca Dart, and Tony Cliff talking about women warriors in comics!)

And NEXT weekend, me and Farel will be bro-ing it up together at the Denver Comicon! If you're in the Pacific Northwest or in Colorado in the next two weeks, come one down!
Check it out - a pretty solid interview avec moi is up on Comic Book Resources!…

ALSO as I've said before I'll be at table A-04 at Emerald City Comicon THIS WEEKEND! Come on down and say hi to the whole g-d prophet team!
(It'll be dope. Trust me.)
First off, if you're in or around Ann Arbor, Michigan, anytime soon, I'll have some pieces up in the "First Contact" Art show at the Gallery Project. Here's the blurb from them:

"Gallery Project presents First Contact, a multimedia exhibit in which 33 regional, national, and international artists explore our desire to encounter extraterrestrials, our preparedness for such an event, the event itself, and its possible consequences.

Technological development has brought us to the precipice of first contact, but has humanity kept pace? Is our search for extraterrestrial life simply a search for answers to our own existence? What makes us believe that we are prepared for a relationship with other worlds when we have difficulties on our own planet? Is it our innate curiosity or primal fear that motivates us? 'Artists," wrote Ezra Pound, "are the antennae of the race." Media analyst Marshall McLuhan expanded on that idea when he wrote, "Art as radar acts as an 'early alarm system,' as it were, enabling us to discover social and psychic targets in lots of time to prepare to cope with them." If art is an 'early warning system,' then what does art about First Contact foretell?
Contributors include Seder Burns, Thomas Carey, Ross Carlisle, John Causland, Debra Davis, Lynda Davis, Rocco DePietro, Zeek Earl, H.R. Giger, Brad Gieske, Clifton Harvey, Mayumi Haryoto, Dan Hernandez, Nicholas Kahn, Tanya Kavakoza, Charles Lindsay, Kevin Margo, Ian Moersen, Gloria Pritschet, Simon Roy, Michael Rea, Kris Rudolph, Richard Selesnick, Sara Schleicher, Douglas Scobel, Brian Spolans, Derek Stenning, Po-Wei Su, Mike Tarr, Jacob Tebbe, Brana Vojnovic, Lynn Whitney, and Barry Whittaker.

The exhibit is curated by Seder Burns, Lecturer of New Media, University of Toledo, and Gallery Project collaborator. "

It looks like it'll be an amazing show, and I'm sad that I won't be able to attend in person. More information can be found at the gallery's site here.

But secondly, where I WILL be in person is the Emerald City Comic Convention! WOO! Brandon Graham, Farel Dalrymple, Joseph Bergin III and myself will all be squatting at the same table (Table A-04), so if you're in Seattle in two weeks time, come on down and say hi!
This interview came out a little while ago but I forgot to put it up!
Take a look!…
AT LONG LAST! If you want some prophet pages, much of #23's pages are now for sale over at Robin McConnell's art sale site!

Check it out:
Two fun comic stories I worked on this summer (with my compatriot richard ballermann) are now up to read online! If you like army dudes and dudettes battling it out in FUTURE WAR TORN VANCOUVER HOLY MOLY then these are the comics for you. (The stories I drew were #1 and #5, respectively). Sadly, they are only visible to people in Canada, but they turned out really nice.
Also: Multiversity comics did a cool thing and managed to do interviews with most of the "prophet" team.
Brandon Graham:…
Giannis Milionogiannis:…
And me:…
I was approached by Comic Book Nerds are Hot to do an interview on Prophet and several other things, which you can now read here:…
Written by my co-conspirator Brandon Graham on our current run of "Prophet", from image comics. First issue is out on Jan 18th!

Also, there's some excellent early reviews of Prophet from Warren Ellis and Bleeding Cool...…

Go and buy it!
COOL! Thanks for sticking around this long (and this often, I suppose) guys!
If you are a canadian and you use the internet, THIS IS IMPORTANT!

"Supporters of the Internet,

We have 24hours to call on the TV consortium to include a question about the future of the Internet in Canada in the Federal Leaders Debate. This is a huge opportunity to get the Party Leaders on the record about their vision for Internet in Canada.

If you care about open, competitive, and affordable Internet please fill out the form below to submit a question to the Federal Leaders. If we get enough people to respond within the next 24hours the Leaders will be forced to outline their position during the National English Debate on April 12th and the French Debate on April 14th.

Together we can make the Internet a federal election issue.

Help us spread the word by sharing this page with all of your networks!

For the Internet.

The Team"

For all you fellow canadians out there - get on and appeal to the CRTC to shut down internet metering in it's infancy!

"Internet Service Providers (ISPs) want to put a pay meter on your Internet use.

This means we're looking at a future where ISPs will charge per byte, the way they do with smart phones. If we allow this to happen Canadians will have no choice but to pay MUCH more for less Internet.

Big Telecom companies are obviously trying to gouge consumers, control the Internet market, and ensure that consumers continue to subscribe to their television services.

This will crush innovative services, Canada's digital competitiveness, social progress, and your wallet.

The CRTC is reexamining the imposition of metered billing practices right now, and they are seeking public input. This is a huge opportunity to stop Internet metering, and to ensure Canadians have access to an unlimited Internet.

Please send CRTC a message. Enough is enough."

Non-canadians? Watch out for this happening in your country.
I've been working on a bunch of new stuff lately, but while looking through some old stuff, I keep finding old comics!

And now you can read some of them here.……

I'll be putting up more as I find them.
My publisher, New reliable press, is selling everything published 2009 and earlier at 50% off! Come on and buy something! If you haven't picked up a copy of Jan's Atomic Heart yet, it's only $3.00!
Hey guys! Some exciting things are going on in the comics world. I'm putting some good work into my 'dead lands' project, for one. But more importantly, my pal Giannis has put up the first issue of his cyberpunk thriller "Old City Blues" up - FOR FREE TO READ!
OH yeah!
Also, the awesome Malachi Ward has a story up on Top Shelf 2.0 called "The Beasts of Kay-Seven" that is definitely worth the read.…